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                Company culture

                Enterprise Culture Slogan

                Enterprise Spirit: loyal, rigorous, earnest, innovative

                Business philosophy: to create high price and efficiency based on high-value labor.

                Competition concept: fighting a war of value not price

                Enterprise purpose: to create value for customers, benefits for shareholders, futures for employees and prosperity for society.

                Enterprise values: to create enterprise value by employees while realize the value of employees by the enterprise.

                Enterprise philosophy: satisfying consumers' demands, self-development, contributing to society

                Service concept: Sincereness and Integrity gain the world; "one vote in the end" procedure within the enterprise, "one-stop place" service outside the enterprise

                Enterprise internal relation criteria: respect, understanding, care, support

                Enterprise external relations criteria: select the superior ones, arrange systematically, make full use of advantages, use it for my own purposes

                Environmental policy: energy conservation, environmental protection, abidance by law, continuous improvement



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